Why Beyond 12

Beyond 12 has created a culture where you can bring your authentic self; your passion for helping students, your desire to change systems, and your own lived experiences are all welcomed here. We are committed to investing in you and your expertise. Beyond 12 team members are dynamic, talented, and dedicated. Our diverse set of experiences span the K-12 and higher education sectors, nonprofit and for-profit ventures, as well as direct-service and technology organizations. We would love to hear from you if, like the Beyond 12 team, you believe that education is the foundation of a just and equitable society, and that every student has the potential to succeed if given access to the right tools, opportunities, and resources!

Job Openings

No current openings, but please check back later.

About the Coaches

Beyond 12 coaches are “near peers,'' who have recently completed college themselves, and many are the first in their families to graduate from college. Our students often share that they are relieved to talk to someone who can relate to their experiences and who has overcome many of the same challenges they are facing.Our coaches work with students virtually; they do not meet with them in person. Not only do our coaches help students navigate the structural barriers that stand in the way of their success, but they also help them strengthen their resilience, self-efficacy, engagement, and connection.

Coaching Hiring Practices

We hire our coaches year-round and they undergo an extensive process that includes individual and group interviews. We seek candidates who can relate to the experiences of our students and who have a background in supporting underrepresented students through student support services, mentoring, teaching, or other programs.