In today’s global economy, a postsecondary degree is a proven path to economic and social mobility.


Since 2010, 95% of new jobs created have gone to workers with at least some college education.

However, too few students who enroll in college graduate.


Students from homes where neither parent has earned a degree are 2X as likely to leave college before their second year as those with a college-educated parent.

1 in 6

Only 1 in 6 students in the bottom income quartile earn bachelor's degrees (16%) vs. 4 in 6 of their counterparts in the top income quartile (62%).

We have conducted several evaluations to assess the impact of our work and our model has achieved consistently strong results:


Since our founding, we have coached over 10,000 students and, through our platform, supported 150,000+ students.


85% of students coached by Beyond 12 for 4 years have graduated or remained enrolled six years after entering, compared to 42%, the national average for similar students.


A randomized controlled trial of our MyCoach mobile app at a 2-year community college system conducted by an independent evaluator found a large and statistically significant impact on three-year associate’s degree completion for community college students who did not have remedial needs. Students who used our MyCoach app graduated or transferred to a 4-year degree path at a rate of 51%, 13.7 percentage points higher than the control group which persisted at a rate of 36%.

As Told by Our Students

Beyond 12 coaching is the process of empowering students to build their capacity, to become aware of their choices, and support them in acting from this place of understanding.

“It's been more helpful than I thought... having someone to talk to just about anything”
Angel, Beyond 12 Student
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"I found out Javier was my coach... and from there, it was just constant support."
Sabina, Beyond 12 Student
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“I struggled with French and it was mentally and emotionally affecting me... Sarah was the one constant in my life.”
Percie, Beyond 12 Student
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