We partner with institutions to increase college retention and success.

Organized around an evidence-based curriculum, our platform helps us identify and address the systemic and structural barriers students face before those challenges lead them to drop out. We offer a three-part solution:

Personalized Coaching

Our inspirational coaches support college students virtually. Coaches are “near peers'' who understand firsthand students’ experiences, stories, and challenges. Beyond 12 coaches not only help students navigate the structural barriers that stand in the way of their success, they also help them strengthen their skills and habits.

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Intelligent Guide

Our campus-customized mobile app, MyCoach, “nudges” students about academic and financial aid deadlines, guides them through critical activities, and rewards behaviors that are proven to lead to success. Over time, the app is strengthened further by data from the student, their coach, and their institution.

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Critical Insights

Our coaching tools are tied to a back-end analytics engine that is powered by machine learning, which uses data from Beyond 12, your institution, and students’ own performance and progress to generate predictions of a student’s likelihood of re-enrolling the next term. While most other tools only predict risk, Beyond 12 provides actionable insights that can address students’ specific challenges.

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The transparency in our partnership, mutual values, and commitment results in more students completing a postsecondary credential, with less debt and more capacity to navigate barriers to their success.

Susanne Diggs-Wilborn
Vice President, College Success

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