We close the economic divide by providing first-generation students with the tools they need to graduate from college.

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Personalized Coaching

Our expert, near-peer coaches help students navigate barriers, strengthening their resilience, self-efficacy, and engagement.

Intelligent Guide

Our campus-customized mobile app, MyCoach, reminds students of the activities, deadlines, and behaviors that lead to success, translating essential college tasks into actionable, bite-sized steps.

Critical Insights

Our AI-powered analytics engine predicts which students need help and prescribes the right type of support. We share actionable insights with our partners to help them better support students for college, career, and life success.

Beyond 12 is a national, tech-enabled nonprofit.

We help institutions provide their students with the academic, social, and emotional support they need to succeed in higher education. As an organization led by those who have walked in our students’ shoes, we know firsthand the life-transforming benefits of a college degree. Our proven, personalized approach to coaching meets students where they are, amplifies their power and agency, and guides them through any challenge they may encounter.

We partner with institutions to increase:
  • Student engagement
  • Retention
  • Success

The Challenge.

While a post-secondary degree is key to economic and social mobility, too few students who enroll in college graduate.


16% of students in the bottom income quartile earn bachelor’s degrees by their mid-20s compared with 62% of their counterparts in the top income quartile (Cahalan, Margaret W., et al. 2020).


42% of Black students and 49% of Latinx students earn a degree after six years, compared with 68% of white students (Causey et al. 2020).


Students from homes where neither parent has earned a degree are twice as likely (2x) as those with a college-educated parent to leave college before their second year (Cataldi et al., 2018).

A solution that matches the size of the problem.

We believe that if students receive the right information, resources, and support at the right time, they can make more informed decisions that lead to completion and success.

Our model is unique:
  • We combine authentic, empathic coaching from near-peer coaches —who have recently completed college themselves—with adaptive technology to guide students to success.
  • Our technology not only predicts which students need help and when, but also prescribes targeted actions based on students’ attitudinal and behavioral characteristics; not their demographics.
  • Coaching coupled with data and insights helps demystify systems, decode complex steps, and bolster students’ self-efficacy.
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Redesigning a more equitable education system.

Beyond 12 believes fundamentally in the nobility of the human spirit and our ability to design a world with hope, freedom, and liberation at the center. With our students at the forefront, we have the power to succeed.

Education is our organizational focus, because we know firsthand the impact of systemic racial inequities and the life-transforming benefits of a college degree.

It is imperative that we do more than just prepare our students to succeed in the world as we know it; we must prepare them to question systems of power, dismantle them, and build new ones. We must embolden them to access their own deep well of power and create new systems that are specifically, deliberately, and intentionally designed to deliver equitable outcomes for ALL children.