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A gift to Beyond 12 is an investment in our nation’s future and in the lives of so many students who deserve an opportunity to succeed. Our donors include individuals and institutions who believe that a college degree is a powerful vehicle to help students move out of poverty and achieve career and life success. They are helping us build a better tomorrow and you can, too.

Partner with us

Do you serve students who have been historically under-represented in higher education, such as students from low-income communities, students who are the first in their family to attend college, or students who are members of ethnic minority groups that have not traditionally attended college? We would love to hear from you. Beyond 12 partners with:

  • Mission-driven high schools, as well as college access, success, and scholarship organizations – helping you track student progress, assess the effectiveness of your college-preparatory programs, stay connected with alumni, and increase your alumni’s college graduation rates;

  • Public and private colleges and universities – helping you identify students in need of support, providing students with committed Beyond 12 coaches as well as an innovative MyCoach® mobile app, strengthening student services and advising and increasing your persistence and graduation rates.

Join our team

Beyond 12 team members are dynamic, talented, dedicated, and diverse. Our experiences span the K-12 and higher education sectors, nonprofit and for-profit ventures, as well as direct-service and technology organizations. If, like the Beyond 12 team, you believe that education is the foundation of a just and equitable society, and that every child has the potential to succeed if given access to the right tools, opportunities, and resources, we’d love to hear from you.


Education Institutions

If you are an administrator at a Beyond 12 partner school or pre-collegiate organization, please log in to the Beyond 12 Alumni Tracker using your username and password.


If your high school, program, or college partners with Beyond 12, you will have access to the Beyond 12 MyCoach® app. MyCoach® is a mobile app designed specifically to address your needs.